Currently, there are many incidents happening with immigrants all over the world. I regret saying that some have died due to racism. This poem is dedicated to all those victims.

సరే మరి… ఇది అంతేనని…

ముస్లిమన్నా…  హిందువన్నా…

నలుపన్నా ఎరుపన్నా ఏమన్నా

కదలనా? గడపనా? ప్రతి రోజుని


ఇక్కడున్నా ఎక్కడున్నా

ఇప్పుడైనా… ఎప్పుడైనా…

మట్టిని చెట్టుని తినైన

కదలనా? గడపనా? మరో రోజుని


ఏ చోటలో పుట్టిన

ఏ నీడలో పెరిగిన

ఎన్ని కష్టాలు ఎదురైన

ఎదగనా! మార్చనా? నీ రోజుని క్రొత్తగా


గాలి నేల  అంతా నీదేనన్నా

ప్రాణాన్నైనా లాక్కున్నా

అణువైన ఆక్రమించినా ఏ రోజైన

విశ్వమంతా వ్యాపించనా ఏ  నాటికైనా

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Kavita on running water

This is my first poem on nature
This poem expresses the feelings of flowing water.

Paare neeru tapimchene pranula meppukoraku
parigettindi janala nadiloki nadila
daaritappi kailisipoindi samduram lo oka anchega
anuskshanam aalapistu prayatinimchindi samudrapu alalu ga
appudappudu meghamai maripinchina
asha teeraka avatarimchi avahimchindi tsunami la
Chivariki badha padutu maarindi oo chinnari chinna kanneruga…

Here is the translation of the poem in English.

Flowing water earnestly trying to impress people.
Because of this, it started running into the world like a river.
But it was misdirected and merged into sea
However, every sec, with crying sound, tries to each people like tides in a sea
Eventhough sometimes it reaches us like clouds,
it couldn’t satiate with her doings. Because of this, it turned into tsunami to reach us. Due to its greedy nature, some of the lives were taken.
It felt so bad and converted to eye water of a baby.

Translation might NOT make you feel in the same way when you hear/read the poem. But this helps to understand the meaning of poem.

Hope you like this.

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Kavita on ‘road accidents’

Satyameva Jayate is working on highlighting the problems in India. Aamir and his SMJ group is trying to bring a change by inspiring people. I thought that people can also be inspired through poetry. So, I started writing poems on the causes that SMJ working on.

This is the poem on Season 3: episode 2 ‘Road accidents or murders?’

Vellakura vellakura… marana veediloki…

Ghadi gamyanike kadura
chavu dariki cherche oo yantram ra

Vahana neeyamalu paatiste poyedemundira
pranam kanna viluvainidi emi ledura

Kaalam to parugulendukura
ippativaruku yevadu gelvaledura

Vedimchakura nee aatimeeyulunni
vaari chivari swasa varuku nee koraku

Vellakura vellakura… marana veediloki…

You can also take a look at the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xdP3YJLqms

if you like the poem, please spread it for awareness. https://www.facebook.com/supportSMJthroughpoetry

Thank you Hari & Akhila for your review.

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Support Satyamev Jayate through peotry

Hi Dear poets,

I just want to call poets to inspire people through poetry. Satyamev Jayate is inspiring Indians. Lets also join their hands in inspiring people and make our India as a better country.

please post your poems on the cause that SMJ supports on above page. Don’t forget to share your poems.


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kavita on Akhila Akka

People get added/subtracted as time passes in our Life. As we keep on meeting people, we form relationships. Akhila became an elder sister to all of us (Srinivasa Chaitanya, Priyanka Peddinti and me). We fondly call her as Akki (Akhila + Akka).

She tied a rakhi to us. On this occasion, we came together and wrote a funny poem on her.


Akali veste Annam pettav
Curry lo vesukovadaniki salt icchav
Aa Annam aragakapote tablet icchav…
enduku Akka inni icchav

Catan lo adaggane ore icchav…
Adakkundane wood ni icchav…
Xbox lo games adipimchav…
Kani endukakka anni nuvve gelichav

Kotteyadaniki mouse icchav
Bowling adadaniki bavanicchav
Bore kodite, bhadakani cheppav
Endukakka… Bhumi puttinappudu puttav

Pillala to paatu stage ekkav
Anada Mela lo gantulu vesav
Enduku devuda… Ee Akka ni inta late naakichhav

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Poem on a new couple – Sudhir & Akhila

Many people have a starting problem in many occasions, like driving etc… I do have a starting problem for friendship. Once friendship connection is made, you see stars 🙂

I met Sudhir Vinjamuri through a common friend: D.L Kumar. Sudhir got married in Feb, 2014 with Akhila Vemulakonda. When I met them on couple of situations (created by Manikiran Peddinti), got to know more about this couple well.

This poem is dedicated to Sudhir and Akhila:

final kavita (2)

Generally I use simple phrases & rhythm while writing a poem. Since both are proficient in telugu, I cared more about feelings rather rhythm…

For my English audience, here is the translation:

Future can predicted by star movements… Hence, sky knows about your relationship long ago

Your close friends/relatives, might have realized that you are made for each other…

Future boasts about husband-wife relationship

I wish god graces you with all…





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Poem on NIT Warangal professors

I have studied my bachelors in NIT Warangal. FYI, I am a first bench student 🙂 I am not a super smart student but a hardworking guy. I have gone to NITW for recommendations. Professors welcomed me like their friend.

This poem is dedicated to all my beloved professors

Kavita on nitw profs

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