Kavita on running water

This is my first poem on nature
This poem expresses the feelings of flowing water.

Paare neeru tapimchene pranula meppukoraku
parigettindi janala nadiloki nadila
daaritappi kailisipoindi samduram lo oka anchega
anuskshanam aalapistu prayatinimchindi samudrapu alalu ga
appudappudu meghamai maripinchina
asha teeraka avatarimchi avahimchindi tsunami la
Chivariki badha padutu maarindi oo chinnari chinna kanneruga…

Here is the translation of the poem in English.

Flowing water earnestly trying to impress people.
Because of this, it started running into the world like a river.
But it was misdirected and merged into sea
However, every sec, with crying sound, tries to each people like tides in a sea
Eventhough sometimes it reaches us like clouds,
it couldn’t satiate with her doings. Because of this, it turned into tsunami to reach us. Due to its greedy nature, some of the lives were taken.
It felt so bad and converted to eye water of a baby.

Translation might NOT make you feel in the same way when you hear/read the poem. But this helps to understand the meaning of poem.

Hope you like this.


About Bala subrahmanyam kambala

I am fondly called as subbu. I started writing poems since my childhood. I got this habit of writing poems from my childhood friend Bhanu Chandrasekhar Thorati.
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