Poem on a new couple – Sudhir & Akhila

Many people have a starting problem in many occasions, like driving etc… I do have a starting problem for friendship. Once friendship connection is made, you see stars 🙂

I met Sudhir Vinjamuri through a common friend: D.L Kumar. Sudhir got married in Feb, 2014 with Akhila Vemulakonda. When I met them on couple of situations (created by Manikiran Peddinti), got to know more about this couple well.

This poem is dedicated to Sudhir and Akhila:

final kavita (2)

Generally I use simple phrases & rhythm while writing a poem. Since both are proficient in telugu, I cared more about feelings rather rhythm…

For my English audience, here is the translation:

Future can predicted by star movements… Hence, sky knows about your relationship long ago

Your close friends/relatives, might have realized that you are made for each other…

Future boasts about husband-wife relationship

I wish god graces you with all…






About Bala subrahmanyam kambala

I am fondly called as subbu. I started writing poems since my childhood. I got this habit of writing poems from my childhood friend Bhanu Chandrasekhar Thorati.
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